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Consult Wisconsin’s missing person office

Although law enforcement handles much of the investigation side of missing persons cases, the Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Children and Adults was created to assist law enforcement and work with the public to bring home missing persons from Wisconsin. The Clearinghouse wants to find people in Wisconsin and bring them home and works with various agencies, including the state Department of Justice and the Division of Criminal Investigation.

The Wisconsin Clearinghouse provides access to a Wisconsin people search feature, which is a link to all the missing children and adults in the state. They are organized alphabetically and display a photo, which serves as a link to the missing persons poster. Information typically included is full name, age, date of birth, a basic physical description, date and place of disappearance, and any relevant case details. Also provided is contact information for the investigating law enforcement branch and the Clearinghouse.

Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation

PO Box 7857
Madison, WI 53707


Lookup the Wisconsin private investigator directory

The Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators (PAWLI) encourages professional conduct that exceeds expectation. Its members go beyond state requirements in education and PAWLI remains a strong force in state legislature related to private investigators. PAWLI members are encouraged to network and take advantage of additional training.

Search for Wisconsin private investigators on the PAWLI website via the member directory, which can be sorted by last name or narrowed by specialty, location or business name. Results include member information, like address, email, phone and website, along with any social media pages, as well as a list of continuing education classes completed.

Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators

PO Box 20817
Milwaukee, WI 53220


Sift through social media for Wisconsin emails.

Privacy regulations prohibit Wisconsin email addresses from being published in online directories. Wisconsin emails can be found on personal sites via Google or by searching social media sites like LinkedIn.