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The West Virginia white pages is a valuable online resource for locating West Virginia addresses and West Virginia phone numbers. Access to Whitepages.com is free to anyone needing to find information.

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Consult West Virginia’s missing person office

The West Virginia State Police are often tasked to find people in West Virginia that have gone missing, from children to adults. Although missing persons are first reported on the local level, the State Police are often brought in to assist, depending on the circumstances. Under the State Police is also the Crimes Against Children Unit, which handles many missing children cases. The State Police are also responsible for sending out AMBER alerts for missing children.

A West Virginia people search can be performed on the State Police website, which asks for the public’s help in recovering missing adults and children. Although search results cannot be filtered, they are divided between missing children and missing adults. Details provided include photos – some that are age-progressed, date of birth, a physical description, age, case details, date and place of disappearance, and who to call with any tips or relevant case information.

West Virginia State Police

725 Jefferson Rd
South Charlestone, WV 25309


Lookup the West Virginia private investigator directory

The Private Investigators and Security Professionals of West Virginia (PISP) began in 1993 to fight legislature that threatened the practice of PIs in the state. Since then, PISP has evolved to offer its members access to additional education, legal updates and maintains a strict ethical code. Members include West Virginia private investigators, as well as private security professionals.

A member directory is provided online and is open to anyone researching a licensed investigator. An interactive map of West Virginia allows anyone to search by county or view the entire list. Contact details include name, address, phone number, email address and website.

Private Investigators & Security Professionals of West Virginia

PO Box 1020
Shepherdstown, WV 25443


Sift through social media for West Virginia emails.

West Virginia email addresses can be researched online through Google or found on social media sites like LinkedIn. West Virginia emails cannot, by law, be listed in searchable online directories.