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Virginia phone numbers and Virginia addresses are available for free through Using the Virginia white pages website makes finding information easy for anyone with access to an internet connection.

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Consult Virginia’s missing person office

The Virginia State Police often assists local law enforcement in solving missing persons cases. To find people in Virginia, like missing and endangered seniors or children, the Virginia State Police is responsible for sending out AMBER alerts or a senior alert. The State Police also coordinates with local law enforcement and the public in efforts to broaden a search and deliver the pertinent information to the public in an attempt to solve missing persons cases quickly.

The Virginia State Police offers a Virginia people search option on the missing persons portion of their website. This feature allows anyone to view open missing persons cases, which are sorted by last name. Details provided include a photo, age at the time gone missing, physical descriptors like weight and hair and eye color, date of disappearance, details surrounding the disappearance, a case number, and the contact information for the local law enforcement branch handling the case.

Virginia State Police

7700 Midlothian Turnpike
North Chesterfield, VA 23235


Lookup the Virginia private investigator directory

The Private Investigator’s Association of Virginia (PIAVA) consist of members who are duly licensed and register with the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Members can reside in states outside of Virginia and work in related fields, like private security. Their mission includes holding members to a code of ethics and encouraging a community atmosphere of learning.

The PIAVA website allows anyone to search for Virginia private investigators by company name, location, or specialty. Results are displayed that match the search terms used. Information listed usually includes name of the PI, address, phone number, email, website, regions serviced and list of specialties.

Private Investigators Association of Virginia

PO Box 1115
Fairfax, VA 22038


Sift through social media for Virginia emails.

Virginia email addresses can be located through a Google search or by viewing social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. By law, Virginia emails cannot be published in online directories.