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Consult Vermont’s missing person office

The Vermont State Police endeavor to find people in Vermont that have gone missing. The Bureau of Criminal Investigations Major Cases is the division within the State Police responsible for locating missing persons. Although the Vermont State Police strive to solve all missing persons cases, the ones still unsolved can be viewed via a link to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUS) website, which lists active cases nationwide.

A Vermont people search can be performed on NamUS by anyone and results can be narrowed by state, name and gender. Results will include access to any available information provided by the State Police like a photo, circumstances related to the subject’s disappearance, a physical description, age, any transportation method known or possible destination, case report and contact information for the local case manager handling the investigation. In certain cases, information on the presence of DNA and dental records is provided.

Vermont State Police

103 S Main St
Waterbury, VT 5671


Lookup the Vermont private investigator directory

The Vermont Association of Investigative and Security Services (VAISS) offers membership to PIs, security consultants, process servers, forensics professionals and security guards. Its mission is to ensure its members adhere to a high ethical code of conduct. It also strives to give members a sense of community and promote their services to the public.

Anyone may search for Vermont private investigators on the VAISS website using its online member directory. Members are listed alphabetically by last name and include a phone number, address, email address, company name and website, if applicable. Most are PIs, but certain results are security professionals.

Vermont Association of Investigative & Security Services

PO Box 506
Wilmington, VT 5363


Sift through social media for Vermont emails.

Public pages on social media sites like Facebook are the perfect place to find Vermont email addresses, as is a Google search. Regulations prevent Vermont emails from appearing in online directories.