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Consult Texas’s missing person office

The Missing Persons Clearinghouse is operated by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and helps inform by law enforcement and the public of missing persons cases. The Clearinghouse also works closely with the DPS DNA Unit and Unidentified Persons Unit in an effort to close as many cases and possible. The DPS operates and updates the missing persons website in an effort to secure useful tips from the public performing a Texas people search.

To find people in Texas, first click on the missing persons bulletin to begin the search. A filter allows anyone to narrow results by case number, age, height, gender, name and race. Or, browse the list or the photos. There is also a search function to view abductors or companions of missing persons. All of these search results give a photo, aliases, age, physical descriptors, an overview of the circumstances, and contact information for the DPS.

Texas Department of Public Safety

PO Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773


Lookup the Texas private investigator directory

The Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) is a non-profit dating back to 1971. Its mission is to improve professional ethics among its members, offer access to certifications and training, promote a sense of community and lobby for the legal rights of PIs. TALI welcomes members from around the world in addition to Texas.

Search the TALI website for Texas private investigators using an interactive map or entering search criteria like name, specialty or location. Results that match search criteria are displayed and include contact information, specialties of the PI, license number and background data, such as former police officer.

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

PO Box 670344
Dallas, TX 75367


Sift through social media for Texas emails.

Texas email addresses cannot be found in online directories due to strict privacy laws. Texas emails can be found through a Google search or viewing social media sites like Facebook.