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Consult Tennessee’s missing person office

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is responsible for assisting local and state law enforcement when a child or adult goes missing. Although not all missing persons cases are reported to the TBI, this is typically because the case was solved before the step became necessary. To find people in Tennessee, the TBI uses various resources, such as AMBER alerts for missing children, and posting information on their website for the public.

A Tennessee people search on the TBI website can be performed iby first choosing the category of missing children under 18 or missing children over 18. Although not all missing persons cases are listed on the site, the cases posted are for those most at risk, including custodial cases and abductions. Details include a photo, an age-progressed photo when applicable, a physical description, victim’s age, circumstances of the case and contact information for the investigating officer.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

901 RS Gass Blvd
Nashville, TN 37216


Lookup the Tennessee private investigator directory

Members of the Tennessee Professional Investigators Association (TPIA) include former police officers, federal agents and military officers. TPIA also has a task force that will investigate for indigent people with a verified need for the service. TPIA also offers its members training, a network of like professionals and guidance on operating an ethical business.

Anyone may search for Tennessee private investigators on the TPIA website by accessing the member directory. Names can be sorted by state, since TPIA welcomes members from other states, business name or by last name. Contact information, like address, phone number, email and website, is included.

Tennessee Professional Investigators Association

2008 E Magnolia Ave
Knoxville, TN 37917


Sift through social media for Tennessee emails.

Privacy rules prevent Tennessee email addresses from being listed in online directories, but Tennessee emails can be found through social media sites like LinkedIn. Or, perform a simple Google search.