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Consult South Carolina’s missing person office

A South Carolina people search often begins with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). SLED is responsible for maintaining a detailed database that acts as a crime information center. Although most missing persons are reported to the local Sheriff’s office, many cases are brought to SLED, especially in the case of missing children. SLED will issue AMBER alerts to help locate and return missing children quickly.

To find people in South Carolina, follow the links on the SLED website and view any active AMBER alerts, which will include photos of the child, a physical description and circumstances of the case. Also, to view any active missing children’s cases in South Carolina, follow the link to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. A search of active cases can be narrowed down by state, name and gender. Results include a photo, physical description, age and the circumstances around the disappearance.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

4400 Broad River Rd
Columbia, SC 29210


Lookup the South Carolina private investigator directory

The South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators (SCALI) is a prominent organization whose purpose is to encourage the ethical practice of its members and foster a sense of community. Also, SCALI endeavors to maintain a good relationship with law enforcement. SCALI also follows legislature related to South Carolina private investigators.

SCALI offers online access to a member list, which can be searched by name or by region. Some members have related professions, like forensics. Results are displayed in a list that includes the full name of the private investigator and the agency name, address, phone number and an email address.

South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators

PO Box 5012
Anderson, SC 29623


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