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Consult Rhode Island’s missing person office

The Rhode Island State Police oversee the state’s Missing Children Clearinghouse, whose responsibility is to coordinate investigative resources and provide information to both law enforcement and the public. The Missing Children Clearinghouse is part of the State Fusion Center, which began to fight terrorism, but was expanded to include additional criminal activity such as missing children. The Clearinghouse also works with parents to educate them, sponsoring events like “Get Booked,” where children are fingerprinted in case of future abduction.

A Rhode Island people search begins on the local level when missing children are reported but quickly escalates to involve the Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse operates a 24-hour hotline where anyone may call in tips. To find people in Rhode Island, view the missing children posted on the Clearinghouse website or access the link provided to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to search for missing Rhode Island children.

Rhode Island State Police

311 Danielson Pike
North Scituate, RI 2857


Lookup the Rhode Island private investigator directory

A good resource for locating reputable Rhode Island private investigators in good standing is the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Rhode Island (LPDARI). The main goals of the LPDARI include adhering to high ethical standards and fostering a cooperative atmosphere among law enforcement and PIs. Also, the LPDARI stays updated on legislature affecting PIs.

The LPDARI offers online access to their member directory to anyone looking to hire a Rhode Island PI. The list includes the agency name, if any, along with the member’s name, office address, phone number, an email address and a website for those who have one.

Licensed Private Detectives Association of Rhode Island

PO Box 1428
Westerly, RI 2891


Sift through social media for Rhode Island emails.

Privacy regulations prevent Rhode Island email addresses from appearing in online directories. Rhode Island emails are available when listed on public sites, like LinkedIn or Facebook, or found through Google.