MVR Access and Decoder Digest

Published: January, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-6885636-1-2
Pages: 788
Price: $73.50

2013 MVR Access and Decoder Digest

Access – Record Content & Codes – Legal Compliance – Licensing and Registration Introducing the 2013 edition of The MVR Access and Decoder Digest — The complete National Reference about the Access, Record Content, and Conviction Code Tables for State Motor Vehicle records.

New for 2013: Content is Now in One Book

If you have been a past purchaser of our motor vehicle books you are probably aware there have always been two books about motor vehicle data. Actually, we have been printing two different books annually since 1989.

In an effort to make a more affordable product and to save paper, this year we have combined the U.S. Motor Vehicle Reference Book (formerly known as The MVR Book) and The MVR Access and Decoder Digest into one complete title using the latter’s name.

We feel the new book and its new format will be much easier to use.

The title is especially useful for anyone or any business working with motor vehicle record data, including the insurance industry, the trucking industry, HR, employers of drivers, attorneys, risk managers, and private investigators.

This useful resource provides the following information:

How to Access (all methods) :

  • Driving Records
  • Accident Reports
  • Vehicle Title, Lien, and Registration Records
  • Vessel Title, Lien, and Registration Records
  • Status Checks on Driver Licenses
  • Driver Monitoring Programs

State Translation Tables For:

  • Conviction & Withdrawal Codes, Points, Statutes, ACD Translations
  • License Classes, Restrictions, Endorsements
  • Key State Abbreviations

Legal Matters:

  • Governing Statutes and Rules
  • What is Public and When Consent Needed
  • Vendor and Third Party Access
  • Data Retention
  • Mandatory CDL Disqualifications per Federal Regulations

Driving Record Content:

  • What Conviction and Accident Data is Shown or Not Shown
  • When Personal Information is Cloaked
  • State Reciprocity of Out of State Violations

The Revised ACD Table: (AAMVA Conviction/Withdrawal Code Dictionary)

  • Includes Guidance on Upcoming 2013 Revisions

Other Motor Vehicle Facts:

  • License Format, Issue and Renewal
  • Document Appearance
  • License Classes
  • Issue and Renewal Safety and Enforcement Facts
  • Insurance and Financial Responsibility
  • Alcohol and Chemical Testing
  • Suspensions and Revocations
  • Accident Reporting Vehicle Registration Facts
  • Plate Descriptions
  • Registration and Renewal
  • Inspections and Emissions

The Revised 2012 SMS Motor Carrier Violation Code Tables:

  • Includes Severity Weighting for Each Violation
  • Includes Corresponding Federal Regulations

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