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Consult New Mexico’s missing person office

Missing adults and children cases in New Mexico are handled through the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, which operates a clearinghouse for the state’s missing persons cases. This clearinghouse acts as the central repository for a details related to individual missing persons cases that occurred within the state. It is available to law enforcement and tribal agencies investigating missing persons cases on a local level.

A New Mexico people search feature is available online through the New Mexico Department of Public Safety website. This search feature allows anyone to find people in New Mexico using name or location. There is also an option to view missing persons for the entire state. Most individual listings include a photograph, physical description, notes on when the person was last seen, and contact information for the specific law enforcement branch handling the investigation in case information needs to be reported regarding the case.

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

PO Box 1628
Santa Fe, NM 87504


Lookup the New Mexico private investigator directory

Although New Mexico private investigators may join the Private Investigators Association of New Mexico, there is no online presence available to help foster a sense of community and help promote its members. The Private Investigations Advisory Board is responsible for licensing PIs and also ensures that licensed investigators adhere to the Private Investigations Act, which establishes professional ethics.

Anyone may search for a New Mexico private investigator using the online license look up feature, which allows anyone to search by profession or license type as well as by name or location. Results include contact information and whether the license is active.

Private Investigators Association of New Mexico

457 Washington St SE, Ste K
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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New Mexico emails are protected and can’t be published in online directories. New Mexico email addresses can be located on social media sites like Facebook or by performing a Google search.