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The New Jersey white pages is a valuable online resource that allows free access to New Jersey phone numbers and New Jersey addresses. Contact information is available for individuals and businesses.

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Consult New Jersey’s missing person office

The New Jersey State Police operates the Missing Persons and Child Exploitation Unit, which is renowned for its expertise in connecting cases of runaway children with those being exploited on the streets. The Missing Persons Unit also works closely with law enforcement and maintains a centralized database of all missing persons, children and unidentified bodies. To find people in New Jersey, the New Jersey State Police offer a web search portal that lists many of the missing persons cases currently open in the state.

A New Jersey people search of the missing persons database includes photos and can be sorted by county, gender, name and date of last contact. Contact information is listed for the investigating department, along with a case number. A physical description is included, along with any relevant case details. There is also an online database for unidentified bodies and persons (both living and deceased), although caution in viewing is recommended.

New Jersey State Police

PO Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 8628


Lookup the New Jersey private investigator directory

The New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association (NJLPIA) began in 1955 and has since endeavored to foster ethical practices and an open association with law enforcement. Also, New Jersey private investigators who become members have access to education and a network of similar professionals. The NJLPIA also stays on top of any legislative changes that affect PIs.

Anyone may search for a licensed PI on the NJLPIA website. Search by specialty, such as missing persons, or search by name or location. Relevant listings include specific contact information, the PIs website when available, and a detailed list of case types accepted.

New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association

PO Box 1006
Flemington, NJ 8822


Sift through social media for New Jersey emails.

Privacy laws forbid the inclusion of emails in online directories. New Jersey emails can be found on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, search New Jersey email addresses via Google.