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On the hunt for Alaska phone numbers? Start with the Alaska white pages. This online phone directory also provides Alaska addresses to help you locate people within the state. The service is free and easy to navigate.

Largest cities in Alaska

Consult Alaska’s missing person office

An Alaska people search can also be launched through the Alaska State Troopers Missing Persons Unit. The department offers an online tracking system that centralizes information about missing persons and provides information to assist in the identification of remains. The office holds files on both juveniles and adults, with networking availability to national databases for more efficient results.

If you are trying to find people in Alaska, check out the online bulletins for active missing persons. You can also contact the Missing Persons Clearinghouse by email, which provides access to a complete database of all the state’s police agencies and federal agencies. The website also offers a link to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, which offers free access to law enforcement professionals and the general public alike.

Alaska Department of Public Safety

5700 E Tudor Rd
Anchorage, AK 99507


Lookup the Alaska private investigator directory

Alaska private investigators can be found through the Alaska Investigators Association. The website for the organization offers information about private investigators in the state, and provides those in search of qualified professionals peace of mind in knowing the investigators included in the association maintain the highest standards in their work. The organization has created a network where professional investigators can go for support, promotion and ongoing training.

The Alaska Investigators Association is an important resource for residents in search of a professional investigator in the state. Because Alaska does not currently license investigators, this is the best resource for determining an investigator’s qualifications. The association offers basic information about private investigation in the state, and can answer questions through contact information on their website.

Alaska Investigators’ Association

PO Box 202314
Anchorage, AK 99520


Sift through social media for Alaska emails.

Options for finding Alaska email addresses include social media like Facebook and LinkedIn and simple Google searches. Alaska emails are not available through Internet directories, since regulations prohibit the publication of such directories.