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Both Pennsylvania addresses and Pennsylvania phone numbers can be looked up online for free through the Pennsylvania white pages website. This contact information is available for both individuals and businesses.

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Consult Pennsylvania’s missing person office

Although missing persons cases are typically handled by local law enforcement, the Pennsylvania State Police often assists in cases of abductions, especially when the missing person is a minor or a person with mental or health problems. The Pennsylvania State Police often works closely with local law enforcement and have the final say as to whether there is a justification to send out an AMBER alert.

Although the Pennsylvania State Police offers no online Pennsylvania people search option, NamUS (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System) offers free online access to missing persons reports. To find people in Pennsylvania, simply narrow the search criteria by state. Or, search for missing persons using first and last name and gender. Results usually show a photo, give a physical description, offer case details and the circumstances of the disappearance. Also, access to case reports, DNA and dental reports is sometimes included, depending on the case.

Pennsylvania State Police

1800 Elmerton Ave
Harrisburg, PA 17110


Lookup the Pennsylvania private investigator directory

The Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI) is committed to promoting ethical business practices, updated investigation techniques and providing the public reliable access to professional Pennsylvania private investigators. PALI offers its members access to education and training, resources and the opportunity to network.

The public may use the PALI online search tool to quickly locate a PI who is in good standing. There is an interactive county map to search for PIs by location. Or, enter a name, specialty, city or zip code. Results list contact information for private investigators who matched the search, including a website link if applicable.

Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators

117 W Gay St, Ste 124
West Chester, PA 19380


Sift through social media for Pennsylvania emails.

Pennsylvania email addresses, by law, cannot be published in online directories. However, Pennsylvania emails can be searched through social media sites like Facebook or MySpace, or through a Google search.