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Consult Oregon’s missing person office

The Oregon State Police maintains and oversees the Missing Children Clearinghouse, which links to national and state missing persons databases via computer to keep all information updated for law enforcement. The Missing Children Clearinghouse also coordinates with school districts and local, state and federal law enforcement to try and bring every missing child home. A 24-hour hotline is always available to receive information regarding missing children in Oregon.

The Oregon State Police maintain a missing children index on their website which details various missing children cases. An Oregon people search can be conducted by the public using this website. To find people in Oregon that are missing, click on the appropriate person name to read a physical description, case details, date of birth and to learn the contact information for the specific law enforcement agency handling the investigation. For information on missing adults, contact the local law enforcement agency for details.

Oregan State Police

255 Capitol St NE, 4th Fl
Salem, OR 97310


Lookup the Oregon private investigator directory

The Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators (OALI) is the largest organization of its kind in the state. OALI endeavors to improve the perception of PIs in the public by ensuring that its members maintain high ethical standards in their practices. OALI also lobbies to prevent laws designed to restrict the abilities of PIs to perform their jobs.

Anyone may perform an online search for Oregon private investigators using the OALI website. Search for an investigator by specialty, like missing persons, by name or location. Results include full contact information for relevant PIs, along with a list of the agency’s specialties.

Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators

PO Box 2705
Portland, OR 97208


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Oregon emails are protected from being included in online directories. When listed on public websites or social media sites, Oregon email addresses become public and can be found via Google.