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Consult Oklahoma’s missing person office

The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation maintains an active missing children page on their website. They also provide instructions to the public for learning information on current adult missing persons cases within the state. The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation is made up of professionals with a variety of specialized skills, which are put to use by local and state law enforcement in solving crimes. An Oklahoma people search shows details on missing children in Oklahoma.

Anyone who wants to find people in Oklahoma, like missing adults, should use the search link provided by the Bureau of Investigation to access the NAMUS (National Missing and Unidentified Persons) website. Here, anyone may search missing persons by state, name and gender. Results can be very detailed and include photos, police reports, dental and DNA reports, physical description, disappearance circumstances, clothing and transportation details. There is also contact information for the detective handling the case.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

6600 N Harvey
Oklahoma City, OK 73116


Lookup the Oklahoma private investigator directory

The Oklahoma Private Investigators Association (OPIA) started in 1984 to both raise professional ethics and public awareness of what a principled licensed investigator does. OPIA offers training, lobbies for the rights of PIs and keeps its members apprised of any new laws. PIs must apply to become a member of OPIA and adhere to their code of ethics.

The OPIA website provides a search feature for the public to use when looking for a reputable Oklahoma private investigator to hire. Search criteria include company name, location or specialty. Results include individual PI contact information including a website link if applicable.

Oklahoma Private Investigators Association

PO Box 690091
Tulsa, OK 74169


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