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Consult Ohio’s missing person office

An Ohio people search for missing persons cases often ends up at the Attorney General’s Office for inclusion in the missing persons database. Missing children and adults are reported to local law enforcement agencies, but are often posted to the Attorney General’s Missing Persons website. There are certain criteria that must be met by local law enforcement before a missing adult or child will be posted to the website, which includes the prerequisite that the case details were first entered into the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) database.

Anyone may find people in Ohio using the Attorney General’s Missing Persons website. A photo is included along with a detailed physical description, date the person was last seen, circumstances surrounding the disappearance, and contact information for the investigating agency. The Attorney General’s office also provides access to an online form designed for submitting a missing persons tip directly to law enforcement.

Ohio Attorney General

30 E Broad St, 14th Fl
Columbus, OH 43215


Lookup the Ohio private investigator directory

OASIS, the Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services, holds its members to a high ethical standard and includes private security firms, as well as licensed private investigators. OASIS offers members access to training, encourages networking and stays on top of state laws pertaining to this field.

Anyone may search the OASIS website for a licensed Ohio private investigator. A complete member list is also available, which includes the PI’s name, business name, and full contact information. When performing a PI search, enter in a location, name, business name, or specialty, such as missing persons, to view relevant private investigators.

Ohio Association of Security & Investigation Services

114 N West St, Ste 204
Lima, OH 45802


Sift through social media for Ohio emails.

Regulations exist that prevent Ohio email addresses from being published in online, searchable directories, but Ohio emails can searched using Google or social media sites like Facebook for public listings.