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Consult North Dakota’s missing person office

Missing persons cases in North Dakota fall under the Cold Case Files of the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, overseen by the Attorney General’s office. Missing persons cases are handled on the local and state level, initially, but are required to be reported and included in the state’s database as quickly as possible to enable the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to assist. There is no mandated waiting period to report a missing adult or child in North Dakota.

A North Dakota people search can be performed on the Cold Case Files portion of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation website, where a list of both missing persons and unsolved homicides are listed. No photographs are included, but there are case details and the name of the missing person. To find people in North Dakota or to report information on a missing persons case, contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigation or local law enforcement.

North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation

600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept 125
Bismarck, ND 58505


Lookup the North Dakota private investigator directory

The North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board (NDPISB) is responsible for licensing and bonding individuals wishing to become or maintain their status as a private investigator or private security provider. The NDPISB requires anyone claiming to be a PI be licensed by the state and remain in good standing.

The NDPISB website provides a full list of all North Dakota private investigators and private security firms licensed in the state. This information can be sorted alphabetically by name. License information for PIs includes contact information in the form of an address, PI license number and agency number, when applicable.

North Dakota Private Investigation and Security Board

513 Bismarck Expressway, Suite 5
Bismarck, ND 58504


Sift through social media for North Dakota emails.

Laws restrict North Dakota email addresses from appearing in online directories, but North Dakota emails can be located on public social media sites like LinkedIn, or through a Google search.