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Consult North Carolina’s missing person office

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol oversees the Center for Missing Persons, which is the state clearinghouse for such cases. A North Carolina people search often begins here by law enforcement, where a centralized database for missing adults and children is maintained so details can be cross-referenced and compared to unidentified persons cases. The Center for Missing Persons was created in 1985 and continues to aid federal, state and local law enforcement in the quest to find missing persons.

The Center for Missing Persons does not offer an online public search feature for its missing persons cases. However, active AMBER and Silver alerts are available for viewing online. These typically include a photo, physical description, any case details and contact information. However, to find people in North Carolina, contact the clearinghouse using the 24-hour toll-free hotline, or contact the local law enforcement department responsible for investigating the missing persons case.

North Carolina Department of Public Safety

4229 Mail Service Ctr
Raleigh, NC 27699


Lookup the North Carolina private investigator directory

The North Carolina Association of Private Investigators (NCAPI) was started in 1987 and endeavors to encourage a good relationship between private investigators and law enforcement through the adherence to a strict code of ethics. The NCAPI also monitors state legislature likely to affect PIs and encourages people to report unlicensed activity.

Locate a North Carolina private investigator using the online search feature on the NCAPI website. A city, county or zip code can be entered into the search box to return nearby results. Also available is a complete list of PIs with contact information and a website link when available.

North Carolina Association of Private Investigators

PO Box 61238
Raleigh, NC 27661


Sift through social media for North Carolina emails.

North Carolina emails cannot be accessed via an online directory, but North Carolina email addresses can be searched using Google or found on personal social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.