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The New York white pages offers free access to contact information for both individuals and businesses. This free online resource provides access to New York addresses and New York phone numbers.

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Consult New York’s missing person office

The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services oversees the Missing Persons Clearinghouse for the state. This includes cases related to missing children, college students and vulnerable adults (defined as adults with a mental disorder or disability). Missing adults are handled at the local or state level. The Missing Persons Clearinghouse maintains a database for all cases and coordinates the alert system to assist law enforcement in performing a New York people search.

The Missing Persons Clearinghouse provides access to online summaries of missing persons. There are separate online databases: one for missing children and college students and another for missing vulnerable adults. To find people in New York, you can view photos, read a physical description and learn relevant case details online. The investigating agency is listed along with a case number. There is an online missing persons “submit a lead” form that can be filled out and emailed.

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

4 Tower Pl
Albany, NY 12203


Lookup the New York private investigator directory

The Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State (ALDONYS) is a not-for-profit organization begun in 1950 to protect the rights of licensed investigators and ensure the ethical business practices of its members. They promote a sense of community among members and encourage networking and further education for its members.

To find a New York private investigator, use the ALDONYS online search feature, which allows anyone to search for a PI by location, specialty, last name or business name. Search results include the name of the investigator, name of the business or agency and contact information, including website link if applicable.

Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State

1971 Western Ave, Ste 232
Albany, NY 12203


Sift through social media for New York emails.

Although online email directories are prohibited, New York email addresses can be found on public social media sites like LinkedIn, blogs and Facebook. Or, search New York emails using Google.