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The New Hampshire white pages is a free online resource providing access to New Hampshire addresses and New Hampshire phone numbers. This information is available for both individuals and businesses.

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Consult New Hampshire’s missing person office

The New Hampshire State Police Major Crime Unit oversees the Missing Persons Section, which also acts as the state clearinghouse for missing children. The Missing Persons Section acts as the state’s central repository for all details, including dental records, related to individual missing adults and children. The Missing Persons Unit is comprised of specially trained investigators.

To find people in New Hampshire, begin by checking the Major Crime Unit, Missing Persons Section of the New Hampshire State Police website. There are links to current, active missing persons cases. A New Hampshire people search here will show photos, list physical descriptors, provide case details and list the last date seen. Also available is contact information for the investigating department, as well as for the Missing Persons Section. There is no online search feature currently available. To find information on a case that’s not listed, use the Missing Persons Section contact information.

New Hampshire State Police – Investigative Services Bureau

33 Hazen Dr
Concord, NH 3305


Lookup the New Hampshire private investigator directory

The New Hampshire League of Investigators (NHLI) states its mission is to protect the rights of licensed investigators by participating in related state law making. Also, the NHLI provides relevant training, networking opportunities and adheres to a strict ethics code. New Hampshire private investigators who are members had to apply for the privilege.

For those in need of a reputable New Hampshire PI, there is a search form on the NHLI website that allows anyone to see a complete list of members or search by specialty, such as missing persons. Results deliver contact information for anyone matching the search criteria.

New Hampshire League of Investigators

PO Box 108
Concord, NH 3302


Sift through social media for New Hampshire emails.

Privacy laws protect New Hampshire email addresses from being published online in directories. However, New Hampshire emails can be located via a Google search and through social sites like LinkedIn.