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Search for Nevada addresses and Nevada phone numbers online for free through Also, the Nevada white pages can quickly search for both a business’s and an individual’s contact information.

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Consult Nevada’s missing person office

The Nevada Department of Public Safety includes the Investigation Division, which is responsible for investigating missing persons cases for the state. This division is comprised of individuals with superior skill sets and are highly trained. This division exists to help local, county and state law enforcement departments solve crimes like missing persons cases. Although most missing persons cases are reported to local law enforcement agencies, this Investigation Division maintains a central repository of case information, which can help further a missing persons search.

A Nevada people search for missing children includes the Nevada Clearinghouse called the Nevada State Advocate for Missing and Exploited Children. Although neither the Nevada Investigations Division or Nevada Clearinghouse offer Nevada people search options online, anyone may contact these divisions to get information on a missing persons case or report information on a case. Complete contact information is available for the Investigations Division and the Nevada Clearinghouse.

Nevada Department of Public Safety

555 Wright Wy
Carson City, NV 89711


Lookup the Nevada private investigator directory

A good source of Nevada private investigators is the Nevada Society of Private Investigators (NSPI). Their mission is to promote ethical practices among licensed investigators through education and networking. The NSPI also monitors legislature related to PIs and is actively involved in the state licensing board procedures and endeavors to seek out and stop unscrupulous activities performed by unlicensed investigators.

The NSPI website offers a search option for those seeking a Nevada PI. There is an online list of current members that includes the name of the investigator or agency, contact information, a business website if applicable, and an email address.

Nevada Society of Professional Investigators

2190 E Pebble Rd, Ste 150
Las Vegas, NV 89123


Sift through social media for Nevada emails.

Nevada email addresses are protected from being listed in online directories, but Nevada emails can be found using public social media sites like Facebook or by performing a Google search.