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Consult Nebraska’s missing person office

The Nebraska State Patrol works closely with the Nebraska Missing Persons Clearinghouse, which was founded in 2005. This Nebraska Missing Persons Clearinghouse acts as the state’s central repository for all missing children and adults within Nebraska. This information is continuously updated and shared with law enforcement and other organizations in an effort to solve these cases.

A Nebraska people search can be performed online for free. Results will include photographs when available. Also included are the full name, current age and age when last seen, date the individual went missing, physical descriptors like hair and eye color, height and weight, gender, and any relevant remarks related to the disappearance. The Missing Persons Clearinghouse has a mission to find people in Nebraska, and this online database is designed to help by putting anyone with information in touch with the correct law enforcement branch handling the case. Past and present AMBER Alerts can also be viewed online.

Nebraska State Patrol

PO Box 94907
Lincoln, NE 68509


Lookup the Nebraska private investigator directory

The Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators (NALPI) consists of licensed investigators and like professionals operating in Nebraska.

For anyone interested in retaining a Nebraska PI, an email can be sent to NALPI with any relevant details so that a list of potential PIs can be provided. Also, a list of current members, their contact information and specialties are also listed on the site under “Members” for those considering hiring a Nebraska PI. Senior members are licensed and bonded PIs, while associate members have linked professions, such as a polygraph examiner.

Nebraska Association of Licensed Private Investigators

PO Box 84601
Lincoln, NE 68501


Sift through social media for Nebraska emails.

Email addresses can’t be published in online directories, but Nebraska email addresses can be located on public social media pages like LinkedIn or Facebook. Or, search Nebraska emails through Google.