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Montana phone numbers can easily be searched on, as can Montana addresses. Using Montana white pages is free. Simply enter the name under “find people” to access contact information.

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Consult Montana’s missing person office

The Montana Department of Justice oversees the Missing Persons Clearinghouse, which maintains an active database of all missing persons and missing children reported in Montana. To find people in Montana, the Missing Persons Clearinghouse provides online access to this missing persons database and allows anyone to perform a detailed search for free. A Montana people search of this database will include photographs, when available, as well as full name, any known aliases, date of birth, gender, date last seen and contact information for the investigating agency. In certain cases, additional details are provided, such as any special circumstances or important details that could be used to locate the missing person. This database can search only missing children or only missing adults, if needed.

The Missing Persons Clearinghouse, in conjunction with the Montana Department of Justice, provides downloadable forms and instructions for reporting a missing person or child to law enforcement.

Montana Department of Justice

PO Box 201401
Helena, MT 59620


Lookup the Montana private investigator directory

The Montana Board of Private Security is responsible for issuing licenses to private investigators. The PI license application is lengthy and requires a complete state and FBI criminal background check with fingerprints, plus three years of related experience and training, before a license is granted.

An online option for locating Montana PIs is to perform a PI license lookup through the Montana Board of Private Security site, which is part of the official state website. This online license lookup feature allows anyone to perform a statewide search of private investigators to learn whether a license is current, whether any complaints have been filed, and where the PI is located.

Montana Association of Private Investigators

PO Box 4568
Helena, MT 59604


Sift through social media for Montana emails.

Personal privacy laws prevent email addresses from being published online; however, find Montana emails via social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Performing a Google search for Montana email addresses can also yield those publicly listed.