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Looking for someone in Mississippi? You’ll find the largest database of Mississippi phone numbers online at the Mississippi White Pages. This free phone book allows you to search for Mississippi addresses and phone numbers by first and last name.

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Consult Mississippi’s missing person office

A Mississippi people search may also include a perusal of the missing person directory for the state. Missing persons are handled by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, through the Mississippi Department of Safety. This department handles both Amber Alerts to report missing children, as well as Silver Alerts to report adults that are disabled or believed to be in danger.

The Bureau of Investigation offers ample information about missing persons in the state to help you find people in Mississippi. However, the website does not include actual databases for missing person listings. To locate this information, you will need to go to national databases, like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

Bureau of Investigation

PO Box 958
Jackson, MS 39205


Lookup the Mississippi private investigator directory

Another option for finding people in the state is to enlist the assistance of one of the Mississippi private investigators. These professionals can be found through the Mississippi Professional Investigators Association. The organization offers a wealth of resources for professionals in the investigative business, including support, training and networking opportunities.

In addition, the organization serves as a directory for those in search of a qualified professional investigator in the state. The directory offers a wealth of information to help consumers make an educated choice about the best detective for their needs. Full contact information, areas of specialty and standing with the organization are all available.

Mississippi Professional Investigators Association

PO Box 4401
Brandon, MS 39047


Sift through social media for Mississippi emails.

Mississippi email addresses are a popular search, but they are not always easy to find. Regulations do not allow for the publication of Mississippi emails, so research involves Google searches and social websites like Facebook and LinkedIn.