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Looking for someone in Minnesota? The easiest place to begin your search is the Minnesota White Pages. This online directory is free to use and provides Minnesota phone numbers and Minnesota addresses on any residents who are publically listed.

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Consult Minnesota’s missing person office

If you want to find people in Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has the information you need. The Minnesota Missing and Unidentified Clearinghouse is located at this department, under the umbrella of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. This clearinghouse has the names of all the individuals who have been reported missing in the state, including both children and adults, to help in your Minnesota people search.

Listings include a full name and photo of the individual, when available. Other information includes a physical description, date of birth and details about the disappearance. The office also administrates the Amber Alert, which goes into effect when a child is reported missing and thought to be in imminent danger.

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

1430 Maryland Ave E
St Paul, MN 55106


Lookup the Minnesota private investigator directory

Sometimes it can be very challenging to locate a person, no matter how much research you attempt on your own. In this case, an experienced professional might offer the right experience and training to help you see success. Minnesota private investigators are available to help you track down the person you are looking for. To find a private detective in the state, contact the Minnesota Association of Private Investigators and Protective Agents. This organization has a database of all the professionals currently working in this industry in the state.

The database offers full contact information for the private investigator, including the company he or she works for. In addition, you can learn about the professional’s membership status with the organization and areas of specialty.

Minnesota Assocaition Private Investigators & Protective Agents

411 Lexington Pkwy N, Ste G
St Paul, MN 55104


Sift through social media for Minnesota emails.

Want to find Minnesota email addresses? This can be one of the more challenging areas of research, since public directories of Minnesota emails is not allowed. Instead, you will have to rely on Facebook, Google and similar tools to locate your information.