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Finding individuals in Michigan often begins with a perusal of the Michigan White Pages. Whether you are on the hunt for Michigan phone numbers or Michigan addresses, you can often find what you are looking for through this free online directory.

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Consult Michigan’s missing person office

The Michigan State Police is the central repository to find people in Michigan that have been reported missing. This website offers a full list of adults that have been reported missing in the state, as well as links to find children that have been reported missing. The website also offers current Amber Alert listings, which are children that are missing and considered endangered.

A Michigan people search through the Michigan State Police offers a full name and photo of the individual, when available. Other information includes a physical description, date of birth and specifics regarding the details of the disappearance, including where the person was last seen.

Michigan State Police

PO Box 30634
Lansing, MI 48909


Lookup the Michigan private investigator directory

For those that need professional help with finding someone in the state, Michigan private investigators may be the ones to choose. These trained professionals know how to track down information that may not be so easy for the average person to discern. The best place to locate private detectives is through the Michigan Council of Professional Investigators. This organization offers training and oversight for the investigative industry in the state.

There are a number of ways to search for private investigators using this organization’s website. Search according to location, by membership in the association or by name. Results include the name and full contact information for the investigator, as well as experience and areas of specialty.

Michigan Council of Professional Investigators

235 N Pine St
Lansing, MI 48933


Sift through social media for Michigan emails.

Hunting for Michigan email addresses? This job is tougher than it sounds. With no legal public directory of Michigan emails to draw from, searches must be done individually through social websites like Facebook and online search engines.