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One of the easiest ways to find individuals in Maryland is through the Maryland White Pages. Online and completely free to use, you can locate Maryland phone numbers or Maryland addresses by simply entering the person’s name.

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Consult Maryland’s missing person office

Another way to initiate a Maryland people search is by contacting the office of missing persons for the state. This listing is currently on file at the Department of Maryland State Police. The Maryland Center for Missing and Unidentified Persons is the central repository for information regarding children and adults who are reported missing in the state. The office provides both Amber and Silver Alert systems, and information about how to prevent, report and deal with the event of a missing person.

The website for the missing person office does not currently provide their listing online. However, links are provided to both the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the National Missing and Unidentified Person System to help you find people in Maryland.

Maryland State Police

1201 Reisterstown Rd
Pikesville, MD 21208


Lookup the Maryland private investigator directory

If you still can’t find what you are looking for through these search options, professional assistance is also available. Maryland private investigators are trained to collect information and track down individuals with Maryland ties. These professionals can be found through the Maryland Investigators and Security Association.

The association offers information for security and investigative professionals to ensure they maintain the highest standards in their profession. They also offer a database of private investigators in Maryland to help you find the right professional for your needs. The database includes email and phone numbers for investigators currently practicing in the state with links to their email addresses.

Maryland Investigators & Security Association

PO Box 6477
Baltimore, MD 21230


Sift through social media for Maryland emails.

Finding Maryland email addresses may seem like the fastest way to contact someone, but it can be easier said than done. Rules prohibiting a directory of Maryland emails means you have to search for this information using social websites and Google.