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Maine Phone Numbers, Phone Books & Addresses

Finding someone in Maine begins with a search of Maine phone numbers through the Maine White Pages. This online directory is free to use and also provides information like Maine addresses and approximate ages of search subjects.

Largest cities in Maine

Consult Maine’s missing person office

Another source for a Maine people search is the missing person directory for the state. This listing can be found through the website of the Maine State Police. The department is responsible for accepting reports regarding missing persons in Maine, as well as maintaining the missing person listing for the entire state.

Listings are done by name of the individual, as well as the year the person was reported missing and the city in which the report was made. By clicking on the name, you can find a photo of the individual if available, and any specific information about the person’s disappearance. If you want to find people in Maine, this directory is online and easy to navigate.

Maine State Police

42 State House State, 45 Commerce Dr
Augusta, ME 4333


Lookup the Maine private investigator directory

Those who are unable to find information on their own may want to turn to Maine private investigators for assistance. These professionals can be found through the Maine Licensed Private Investigator Association. The organization is responsible for maintaining the database of professionals in the state, and also provides support, training and oversight to the private investigation industry in the state.

The Maine Licensed Private Investigator Association offers assistance in finding a professional to help you find people in Maine. The directory offers contact information for all private investigators and agencies in the state, organized alphabetically. Profiles include full contact information, areas of specialty and a link to the investigator’s website.

Maine Licensed Private Investigator’s Association

PO Box 1645
Portland, ME 4104


Sift through social media for Maine emails.

Maine email addresses are often in demand by those trying to get in touch with someone in the state. Unfortunately, regulations prohibit the publication of a directory of Maine emails, so information must be searched through Google, Bing or social media.