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For basic information like Louisiana phone numbers, the Louisiana White Pages is the place to go. This free, online phone book offers basic information for Louisiana residents who are listed by phone and Louisiana addresses.

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Consult Louisiana’s missing person office

Another option for a Louisiana people search is the local missing person office. In Louisiana, this information can be located through the state’s Department of Children and Family Services. The office serves as the central repository for information regarding children who have been reported missing in the state.

The website for the department shows a few photos of missing children, as well as a link to the Louisiana page for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This database features a name and photo, physical description, date of birth and the date the child went missing. At this time, the department does not include a database for missing adults in the state.

Department of Children & Family Services

627 N Fourth St
Baton Rouge, LA 70802


Lookup the Louisiana private investigator directory

Another option for a Louisiana people search is the Louisiana Private Investigators Association. This organization offers information about professional investigators and investigative agencies in the state. The agency was founded for the purpose of promoting high ethical practices for investigators, providing ongoing training and networking, and helping those in the community find qualified professionals.

Those interested in hiring a professional investigator can use the website’s online search function to locate an investigator. The search can be performed by name or location. If search fields are left blank, the search will reveal all of the investigators currently practicing in the state, including full contact information and a photo when available.

Louisiana Private Investigators Association Inc

PO Box 53889
Lafayette, LA 70505


Sift through social media for Louisiana emails.

Another search option for contacting individuals in the state is through Louisiana email addresses. To search for Louisiana email, you must conduct an individual search using Google or social media, since no formal directory is allowed.