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Check out the Kentucky White Pages to find free information about Kentucky residents. This online directory includes Kentucky phone numbers currently listed, as well as Kentucky addresses and an approximate age of the individual.

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Consult Kentucky’s missing person office

Another source for a Kentucky people search is to check through missing person listings. The Kentucky State Police offers information about children that have been reported missing in the state, although an online listing of these children must be accessed through another website. There is a link here for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and their extensive database.

The Kentucky State Police also provides information about how to report children as missing. Information on how to prevent the unthinkable, including safety tips and prevention of runaway situations are also included. Unfortunately, while this website allows you to report individuals as missing, it does not offer a database of missing adults to help you find people in Kentucky.

Kentucky State Police

919 Versailles Rd
Frankfort, KY 40601


Lookup the Kentucky private investigator directory

When these sources don’t turn up the information you are looking for, another option is to hire the services of Kentucky private investigators. The Kentucky Professional Investigator’s Association is a central database of all the qualified professionals and agencies in the state of Kentucky. This organization ensures all professionals adhere to the highest standards and offers ongoing training to keep investigators up to date on the latest trends.

To find a private investigator in Kentucky, simply click on the member directory. This database offers full contact information on professionals in the state, as well as experience and any areas of specialty to help you find the best investigator for your needs.

Kentucky Professional Investigators Association

PO Box 72689
Louisville, KY 40272


Sift through social media for Kentucky emails.

If Kentucky email addresses are your goal, you may need to invest in some research time of your own. Since a public directory of Kentucky emails is not available, this information is generally searched through social media and Google.