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Find Iowa phone numbers using the free, online directory known as the Iowa White Pages. This website allows you to enter a person’s name and find Iowa addresses, phone numbers and approximate ages of individuals in the state.

Largest cities in Iowa

Consult Iowa’s missing person office

Another option for an Iowa people search is through the missing person listings for the state. These can be found at the website for the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Missing Persons Information Clearinghouse. The website features all of the missing persons reported in the state, from children to adults. Unidentified bodies are also listed at this website.

To find people in Iowa, you can search online by name and physical description. The website also features listings of the people reported missing, either by name or name and photograph. The website also breaks down reports by county, updating the report each month. Links for national clearinghouses can also be found through this website.

Iowa Department of Public Safety

215 E 7th St
Des Moines, IA 50319


Lookup the Iowa private investigator directory

Iowa private investigators can also help you find people in the state. These professionals are listed at the Iowa Association of Private Investigators, which was established in 1985 to coordinate Iowa investigators and agencies. The organization holds members to the highest standards and provides ongoing training and networking opportunities to help professionals hone their investigative abilities.

Private investigators that are a member of this organization are listed alphabetically on the website and by region. Links to the agency websites are also provided here for easy navigation. Listings include name, full contact information and possible areas of specialty. Membership status is also provided to give those in search of private investigators all the information they need to select the right professional.

Iowa Association of Private Investigators

1932 W 3rd St
Waterloo, IA 50701


Sift through social media for Iowa emails.

One popular way to find individuals in the state is through Iowa email addresses. However, there is no central directory for Iowa emails, so individuals must be searched using social media websites or Google searches.