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Indiana White Pages are a good place to begin if you are searching for Indiana addresses or phone numbers. This free online directory offers information about state residents, including Indiana phone numbers and approximate ages of individuals.

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Consult Indiana’s missing person office

Another option for an Indiana people search is the missing person listings for the state. These can be located through the state government website, under the Indiana Clearinghouse for Missing Children and Missing Endangered Adults. This online listing offers links to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, specifically, to the Indiana page of that database. No listing for missing adults is currently available to help you find people in Indiana over the age of 18.

The website for the Indiana government also offers a PDF file that lists all missing children in the state alphabetically. This document includes the child’s name, date of birth, date the child went missing and the agency that took the missing person report. No photo or physical description is available here.

Indiana State Police

5921 State Rd 43
Crawfordsvile, IN 47933


Lookup the Indiana private investigator directory

Another option for locating individuals in Indiana is the Indiana Society of Professional Investigators, which provides listings of Indiana private investigators for public reference. This agency is designed to hold members to the highest standards, through continuing education and networking opportunities. This organization also provides information for the general public in regards to what private investigators do, offering a large list of links to additional information about investigators and the industry.

To find a private investigator in Indiana, the agency offers an online search tool. You can search by name, specialty, city, or all three. Information provided includes full contact information, including email, as well as any areas of specialty.

Indiana Society of Professional Investigators

117 W Maumee St, Ste D
Angola, IN 46703


Sift through social media for Indiana emails.

Indiana email addresses are not available through email directories, since the practice is banned by law. The most effective way to locate the email address you need is to search through Google or social networks.