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Looking for someone in Illinois? The Illinois White Pages is a free online directory providing information like Illinois phone numbers. The directory also gives Illinois addresses when available, as well as others associated with the individual.

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Consult Illinois’s missing person office

When the white pages aren’t sufficient, a missing persons search may help you find people in Illinois. The missing persons listings for adults are currently held through the Illinois State Police. A link for missing children in the state is also provided through the state police website.

To conduct an Illinois people search, simply scan the online pages to see those who have been reported missing in the state. Information includes a photo, full name and current age. By clicking on the name, you can also obtain a full physical description, as well as the area where the person was last seen. A link to national missing person listings is also provided.

Illinois State Police

801 S Seventh St
Springfield, IL 62703


Lookup the Illinois private investigator directory

When the missing person listings fail to turn up the information you are looking for, Illiniois private investigators are another option. These professionals can be found through the Associated Detective and Security Agencies of Illinois. This non-profit organization was founded in 1933 for the purpose of raising the investigative industry in the state to the next level. The association encourages the highest level of business practices among its members and works to improve partnerships between investigators and members of law enforcement.

To find a private investigator who is a member of this organization, click on “Membership Listings.” From there, you can search for investigators by last name or the name of the agency. Full contact information is provided in the listings.

Associated Detectives & Security Agencies of Illinois Inc

700 E Butterfield Rd, Ste 320
Lombard, IL 60148


Sift through social media for Illinois emails.

Finding Illinois email addresses can be a more challenging task, since official directories of Illinois emails are prohibited by law. Instead, you will need to invest in some research of your own, through social media and Google searches.