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To locate Idaho addresses or phone numbers, start with the Idaho White Pages. This free online directory is the best source of listed Idaho phone numbers, and includes approximate ages and others associated with the individual.

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Consult Idaho’s missing person office

Another source to find people in Idaho is the missing persons office, which is a part of the Idaho State Police. This office provides a broad listing of individuals who have been reported missing in the state, which is broken down into a variety of categories. Conduct an Idaho people search by age or reason for disappearance. There is a separate listing for those who are missing and in potential danger due to a mental or physical disability as well.

In addition to many missing persons lists posted online, the Idaho State Police also offers online functions for reporting someone missing in the state. The Amber Alert system is also activated through this office.

Idaho State Police

700 S Stratford Dr, Ste 120
Meridian, IA 83642


Lookup the Idaho private investigator directory

If the individual in question does not appear on the missing persons list at the Idaho State Police, searches can be continued through Idaho private investigators. These trained professionals can be found through the Professional Private Investigators Association of Idaho, which lists all members of the organization with full contact information. The organization requires all members to conduct business with the highest standards of professionalism and privacy.

The Professional Private Investigators Association of Idaho also provides information about the various types of investigators currently working in the state. While some offer general investigative services, others specialize in areas like finance, corporate matters or legal work. Specialties are helpful if you are looking for someone in a particular industry.

Professional Private Investigators Association of Idaho

1300 W Victory Wy
Meridian, ID 83642


Sift through social media for Idaho emails.

If you are searching for Idaho email addresses, the results may be disappointing, since federal regulations outlaw the publication of any email directories. You will most likely yield the best results by searching through social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as Google.