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Finding Hawaii phone numbers may be as easy as accessing the free Hawaii White Pages. This online directories provides numbers, as well as Hawaii addresses, approximate ages and others living at the residence.

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Consult Hawaii’s missing person office

Finding missing children in the state of Hawaii begins with a Hawaii people search at the state’s Department of the Attorney General. This agency offers all the information you need to identify missing children in the state, including an online database, Amber Alert system and contact information for updating information. Each individual file includes a photo and physical description when available, the age when the child went missing and the date when the child was reported missing.

This agency provides statistics on missing children on their FAQ page as well, which included information on the number of children abducted in the state, whether those abductions involved family members and how many children are killed as a result of abduction. The website is updated regularly, so that current information can be added as necessary for those wishing to find people in Hawaii.

Hawaii Department of the Attorney General

425 Queen St
Honolulu, HI 96812


Lookup the Hawaii private investigator directory

There are a number of private investigators and investigation firms currently operating in Hawaii, but currently, there is no central association responsible for providing these professionals with training and other information. Licensing is the responsibility of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, under the Professional and Vocational Licensing Office. The office provides licensing for Hawaii private investigators and updated licensing status for professionals currently working in the state.

The office is the place to go before hiring a private investigator in Hawaii. In addition to licensing status, the agency offers information about complaints registered against professional investigators. It also allows individuals to file a complaint about an investigators for others to see on the website.

State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

335 Merchant Street
Honolulu, HI 96813


Sift through social media for Hawaii emails.

The job of finding Hawaii email addresses may be one of the most challenging. Regulations prohibit publication of a formal directory of Hawaii emails, so searches must be done online, either through social networking websites or individual search engines.