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Check out the Georgia White Pages for a fast, free search of Georgia phone numbers. This online directory is often the place people begin looking for people in the state, whether they want Georgia addresses or phone numbers.

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Consult Georgia’s missing person office

For a Georgia people search, another good resource is the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. This agency offers an online database for those who want to find people in Georgia. Although there is no online search for such information, there is a comprehensive list of all the individuals included in the Georgia database for easy access.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is the central repository for all information involving missing persons in the state, and provides details of all missing persons as they are available, including the date last seen, physical description and clothing the person was wearing at the time of disappearance. Contact information is also posted for each individual case.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

3121 Panthersville Rd
Decatur, GA 30034


Lookup the Georgia private investigator directory

The Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators is the organization that keeps information about those working in the investigative industry in the state. The self-governing organization offers information about how to become a private investigator in the state, and how to bring investigative skills to the next level. For those in search of Georgia private investigators, there is also a directory available.

The Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators was founded in 1996 and is committed to the education and improvement of the private investigation industry in the state. Through an annual conference and monthly chapter meetings, this organization strives to hold members accountable and raise the bar of the quality of private investigation in the state.

Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators

665 Red Oak Rd
Stockbridge, GA 30281


Sift through social media for Georgia emails.

Finding Georgia email addresses is generally the responsibility of the person looking for the information. Rules prohibit the creation of a formal directory for Georgia emails, so those on the hunt are relegated to social media and Google searches to find their information.