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Verify an attorney’s license and status. See which law school and the graduation dates appear in many states. Have the state bar refer a lawyer and browse directory of services. Look up a law firm instantly online with instant results. Disciplinary actions inquiries.

Alabama State Bar
Alabama lawyer lookup member searchAlaska Bar Association
Search the Alaska lawyer directoryState Bar of Arizona
Search for a lawyer using the advanced search online

Arkansas Judiciary Attorney Search
Verify the attorney’s license instantly

State Bar of California
California attorney verification database

Find a Lawyer In Colorado
Online Colorado bar Association attorney member directory

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
Information about firms and about attorneys

Delaware State Bar Association Attorney Search
Look up a Delaware lawyer by name

The District of Columbia state Bar
Find a member of the DC bar with an instant online query

The Florida Bar
Find a Florida lawyer by member number or name

State Bar of Georgia Member Directory Search
Contact, membership, and public disciplinary history information

Hawaii State Bar Association
Look up lawyer status and standing

The Idaho State Bar Attorney Directory
Lawyer referrals and programs to the public

Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Search for attorneys licensed by the Supreme Court of Illinois

Indiana State Bar Association
Member and law firm search

Iowa State Bar Association
Find a lawyer, programs and services

Kansas Bar Association
Search for a Kansas attorney or firm

Kentucky Bar Association
Search the database of Kentucky attorneysLouisiana State Bar Association
Public resources to complaints and attorney referralMaine State Bar
Maine lawyer referral and information service

Maryland State Bar Association
MSBA member directory to search for attorneys

The Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers
How to search for an attorney by name or city

State Bar of Michigan
Michigan member directory name search

Minnesota State Bar Association
Complaints against attorneys and other public resources

The Mississippi Bar Online Directory
Current info on attorneys licensed to practice in Mississippi

The Missouri Bar
Check whether a lawyer is in good standing

State Bar of Montana
Attorneys with disciplinary actions or complaints

Nebraska State Bar Association
Public lawyer search

State Bar of Nevada
Information about current licensing status

New Hampshire Bar Association
Find out if members are in good standing of the NH Bar Association

New Jersey Judiciary
Disciplinary histories or New Jersey attorneys

State Bar of New Mexico
Find an attorney in New Mexico

New York State Unified Court System
Attorney search and verification of attorneys

The North Carolina State Bar
Search the directory by name, city, or state

North Dakota Supreme Court
Lawyers look up and informationSupreme Court of Ohio and Ohio Judicial Center
Ohio attorney information searchOklahoma Bar Association
Determine if an individual is a licensed Oklahoma lawyer

Oregon State Bar members
OSB membership directory

Pennsylvania Attorney Inquiry Search
Search PA lawyersto lookup status and discipline

Rhode Island Bar Association
How to choose a lawyer, referral and addressing problems

South Carolina Bar
Attorney directory of members and public resources

State Bar of South Dakota
Get information about lawyers by name, firm or area

Tennessee Bar Association
Attorney information resources for the public in Tennessee

State Bar of Texas
Find local lawyers info using the state bar advanced search

Utah State Bar Attorney and Associate Member Directory
Public info of all licensed members of the Utah State Bar

Vermont Bar Association
Public information and resources for Vermont citizens

Virginia State Bar Lawyer Records Search
Info on attorneys practicing law in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Washington State Bar Association
Search discipline notices and more

The West Virginia State Bar
Public information and member search of WV attorneys

State Bar of Wisconsin Lawyer Search
Your resource for finding Wisconsin licensed attorneys

Wyoming State Bar
Licensing and regulatory agency for Wyoming attorneys