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Florida – Attorney General Active Investigations List
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Florida – Campaign Financial & Disclosure Reports
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Florida – Downloadable Lists of Mortgage Borkers, Lendors, Money Srv Businesses
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Florida – Federal Liens Search
Florida – HAZMAT Endorsement Status
Florida – Incarceration Records, Absconder/Fugitive, Escaped Inmates
Florida – Inmates, Offenders
Florida – Parental Check of Minor’s Driving Record
Florida – Plate Name Status
Florida – Political Action Committee (PAC)
Florida – Sex Offender Registry
Florida – State Archives
Florida – Stolen Vehicles, Boats, Plates, etc.
Florida – Supreme and Appellate Court Opinions/Decisions
Florida – UCC
Florida – Unclaimed Property
Florida – Vehicle Status (VIN)
Florida – Wanted Persons
Florida – Workers’ Compensation Claims
Florida – Workers’ Compensation Proof of Coverage DB

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