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Finding Delaware phone numbers is free and easy through the Delaware White Pages online. This directory provides information on residents of the state, including Delaware addresses, phone numbers, approximate ages, and others who live at the residence.

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Consult Delaware’s missing person office

If you are looking for missing persons in Delaware, the place to begin is with the Delaware State Police. This office features the Homicide Unit, which encompasses all missing persons feared to be deceased. The department also handles all cold case homicides, which involves more missing persons reported in the state.

The Amber Alert program is also coordinated through the Delaware State Police, specifically through the Public Information Office. This system is used for reporting missing children, in hopes they will be found quickly whether lost or abducted. The police department is also the place to find registered sex offenders in the state. All records are kept in a computerized database for quick access and easy updates.

Delaware State Police

PO Box 430
Dover, DE 19903


Lookup the Delaware private investigator directory

The Delaware Association of Detective Agencies is the central repository for storing information about the private investigators and investigative firms that do business in the state. Unfortunately, the organization does not currently have a website of its own, so it may be difficult to obtain much information about the organization, including the type of training it provides, and whether it can verify credentials of professionals in the state.

Licensing of private investigators in Delaware may be done on either an individual basis or by firm, and licenses are issued through the Delaware State Bureau of Investigation. This agency offers online information about the licensing process, and may be a more efficient way to confirm credentials of Delaware private investigators.

Delaware Association of Detective Agencies

100 N Maryland Ave
Wilmington, DE 19504


Sift through social media for Delaware emails.

If you are on the hunt for Delaware email addresses, the best sources for this information are social media websites and Google or other search engines. Regulations prohibit the publishing of Delaware emails, so there is no central repository for this information.