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In search of Connecticut phone numbers? Check out the Connecticut White Pages for assistance. This free online directory allows you to find Connecticut addresses and phone numbers by simply entering a name.

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Consult Connecticut’s missing person office

Another option for a Connecticut people search is the Office of Governmental Accountability, where the Office of the Victim Advocate is found. This office is responsible for protecting the rights of victims and provides a variety of information about crimes committed in the state. The office also provides information about the registered sex offender registry in the state.

Another possible resource that can help you find people in Connecticut is the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. This office offers a variety of information about crimes and individuals in the state. While a full listing of missing persons isn’t included on this website, updated news reports offer recent information about missing persons cases and crimes that have been resolved in the state.

Connecticut Office of the Victim Advocate

505 Hudson St
Hartford, CT 6106


Lookup the Connecticut private investigator directory

Another good resource for a Connecticut people search is the Connecticut Association of Licensed Private Investigators. This organization maintains an online database of private investigators in the state so you can verify credentials of the professional you hire to find people in Connecticut. Those who are members of the association agree to abide by a strict code of ethics, which is outlined in detail on the association’s website.

In addition, the association offers ongoing training for professional investigators in the state. The organization is committed to promoting the highest possible standards within the investigative industry and works to promote efficient, constructive partnerships between its members and law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

Connecticut Association of Licensed Private Investigators

PO Box 290158
Wethersfield, CT 6129


Sift through social media for Connecticut emails.

If you are in search of Connecticut email addresses, you may be disappointed in your options. Because rules prohibit an official directory of Connecticut emails, you will need to search for this information through Google or social media websites.