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The California White Pages offer a good starting point for searches of California phone numbers. This free directory also provides California addresses and additional information in an easy-to-use format that can be accessed by anyone.

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Consult California’s missing person office

An additional option for a California people search is the California Missing Persons Office at the State of California Department of Justice. The average number of active missing person cases in the state is approximately 25,000 children and adults. This office serves as the central repository for information on both living and deceased missing persons in the state, with links to national databases as well.

Those who want to find people in California can do so from any computer with Internet access. The online function on the website of the Missing Persons Office allows you to hunt for individuals by inputting a name, date of birth and physical description. The website also allows you to sign up to receive missing persons bulletins right in your inbox.

California Department of Justice

PO Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244


Lookup the California private investigator directory

California private investigators offer another source for finding information about individuals in the state. To find a qualified investigator, visit the website for the California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI). Online functions allow you to check the credentials of an investigator by entering a name and address, or you can choose an investigator from the list of certified members.

The association also strives to improve the quality of the private investigation industry in the state through ongoing training and legislation. This is an important first stop for those looking to hire a private investigator, to ensure the professional they choose has the qualifications and experience for the job.

California Association of Licensed Investigators

65 Enterpirse
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Sift through social media for California emails.

Some people are searching for others through California email addresses, but they may find this task more challenging than they expected. There are no directories for California emails, so searches must be done through social networks and Google.