Arkansas Criminal Records

Arkansas Statewide Criminal Search Links

Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts
Search for crurrent AR criminal court cases.

Arkansas Judiciary Court Docket Search
Search online calendar of pending active criminal cases.

Arkansas Criminal Background Check
Obtain official background checks from the Arkansas state police.

Arkansas Statewide VINE Resources
Search for information regarding an offender, case, or probationer, parolee.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Little Rock Office
How and where to request records from Arkansas FBI.

Arkansas County Police Reports and Criminal Records

Arkansas County Sheriffs Office
County jail, sex offender search, sheriffs news.Ashley County Sheriffs Office
Find warrants, most wanted fugitives and sex offender information.

Baxter County Sheriff
Criminal investigation department, jail inmate roster, warrants.

Benton County Sheriffs Office
Crime prevention and criminal investigation divisions, public alerts and active warrants.

Boone County Sheriff
Locate sex offenders, view most wanted fugitives, criminal investigation unit.

Cleburne County Sheriff Office
Detention center, drug and alcohol information, criminal investigations.

Craighead County Sheriff
Most wanted, registered sex offenders, sheriffs press releases and news.

Crawford County Sheriffs Department
View most wanted list, search sex offender registry, county jail and inmate information.

Cross County Sheriffs Office
Warrants, list of deadbeat dads and moms, criminal investigation division, crime tips.

Drew County Sheriffs Office
Crime stoppers, criminal investigation unit, jail information, sheriffs press releases.

Franklin County Sheriff
Detention center, most wanted, sex offender search, missing persons.

Garland County Sheriffs Department
Criminal records, adult and juvenile detention, criminal investigations and sheriffs news.

Grant County Sheriffs Office
Criminal investigation department, sex offender search, press releases.Hempstead County Sheriff
Police reports, criminal investigation department, detention center.

Howard County Sheriffs Office
County detention center, unsolved cases, criminal investigations, sex offender search.

Independence County Sheriff
Crime alert bulletins, most wanted fugitives, missing persons, press releases.

Izard County Sheriffs Department
Crime tips and prevention, county detention, most wanted fugitives.Jackson County Sheriffs Office
Criminal investigations department, county jail, public information from the county sheriff.

Jefferson County Sheriff
Juvenile justice center, criminal investigations division, arrest warrants.

Johnson County Sheriffs Office
Police reports, crime tip hotline, criminal investigation division, most wanted.

Logan County Sheriffs Office
Jail inmate list, criminal investigations department, county jail information.

Madison County Sheriff
Community information links to sex offenders, most wanted list, jail roster.

Marion County Sheriffs Office
County detention center, criminal investigations, most wanted, sheriffs press releases.

Mississippi County Sheriff
Criminal department, warrants, county jail and inmate information.

Newton County Sheriffs Office
Police reports, county jail, warrants, criminal investigations.Poinsett County Sheriffs Office
County detention center, criminal investigation department, sex offender search.

Pulaski County Sheriffs Office
Public records division, criminal investigations, county jail, warrants.

St. Francis County Sheriffs Department
Criminal investigations information and sex offender watch.

Saline County Sheriffs Office
Crime tips, criminal investigations department, locate local sex offenders, sheriffs press releases.

Sebastian County Sheriffs Department
Sheriffs records, copies of crime reports, criminal investigation department.

Sharp County Sheriffs Department
County coroner information, juvenile probation, links to crime information and criminal justice institute.

Union County Sheriffs Office
Current jail roster, active warrants, most wanted, sheriffs news.

Van Buren County Sheriffs Office
Criminal department, most wanted fugitives, drug information, county detention center.

Washington County Sheriffs Office
Detention information, warrants search, most wanted, sheriffs new releases.

White County Sheriffs Department
Internet crimes, criminal investigation division, cold case files, crimes against women.

Yell County Sheriffs Department
Most wanted, missing persons, cybercrime, criminal investigations, missing persons.