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Search for Arkansas phone numbers with the Arkansas White Pages. This free directory offers a wide range of information, including Arkansas addresses, phone numbers and approximate ages of Arkansas residents in the database.

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Consult Arkansas’s missing person office

Another option for an Arkansas people search is the Arkansas Crime Information Center. This online database allows you to search for missing persons in Arkansas right from your home computer or laptop. The database asks for a broad range of information to ensure an efficient, accurate search, including the person’s name, physical description, and the date and location where the person was last seen.

The Arkansas Crime Information Center allows you to find people in Arkansas through a comprehensive database that is also used by the law enforcement agencies throughout the state. While basic information, such as crime statistics, are available to the general public, some of the more sensitive information in the system is restricted to authorized law enforcement officials.

Arkansas Crime Information Center

One Capital Mall
Little Rock, AR 77201


Lookup the Arkansas private investigator directory

Another option for finding individuals in the state of Arkansas may be Arkansas private investigators. This pool of professionals is currently overseen by the Arkansas State Police. Under the Arkansas Private Investigators and Private Securities Agencies Act, the state police is now responsible for regulating both private investigators and agencies offering private investigation services.

To be licensed in the state of Arkansas, the police department requires investigators to have two years of investigation experience. They must also pass a state licensing examination. Investigators who have been licensed in Tennessee, Louisiana and Oklahoma may also be eligible to work in Arkansas. To determine the authenticity of private investigator licenses, contact the Arkansas State Police for more information.

Arkansas State Police

1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, AR 72209


Sift through social media for Arkansas emails.

Finding Arkansas email addresses requires some individual research skills. Because regulations prohibit the publication of Arkansas emails in official directories, best sources for this information includes social media networks and individual Google searches.